Disclosure Policy

Welcome to the Fitness Guidelines Website. This website was started out of a growing personal interest in physical exercise. I started writing about my experience and then also about products I have either been using, or have research for possible use in my physical exercise. As I recommend products and programs through this website I am hereby making the disclosure that I sometimes receive a referal fee or commission if you buy a product through a link posted on this website. You might have seen something like this before where a friend asked you to buy something from Amazon.com as an example and she received pennies in return. Well, this website works a similiar way and I eventually receive a few pennies or maybe even a few dollars if you buy something from a merchant after being redirect it to the merchant from here. Please rest assured that I am trying to provide well researched information and that a possible referal is secondary to me. If you want to buy something without me earning some money, please click through to the merchant and then delete cookies and empty your browser cache and re-enter the merchants website by directly typing their URL. You’re welcome.

This is my disclosure policy as required by the FTC. Again, I am trying to provide honestly researched information and the products I recommend should provide you with some good value. Thank you for visiting the Fitness Guidelines Website.

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