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The Most Preferred Ab Workouts For A Well-Toned Six-Pack Abs

July 27, 2010 Fitness
Abs Workout for Men and Women

There are countless ways to do workouts and there is no end to the options available if you have sufficient determination to take on an exercise program. The fact remains, however, that each one of these exercises cannot provide the same benefits that you intend to achieve. Nobody is proud of having a bulging belly. […]

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Easy Exercises To Stay Healthy at Home – Part II

April 19, 2010 Fitness

In the first part of this article I introduced to the idea of working out at home without the need to really leave your and to drive to the gym. The idea behind this is that many people do not work out on a recurring basis due to time constraints. I admit, I have a […]

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Easy Exercises To Stay Healthy at Home

April 18, 2010 Fitness

Staying healthy is becoming more and more a topic for people everywhere. Reduced healthcare benefits, higher premiums, and more difficulties getting the medical attention one wants are part of the reason for this mind change. Developing better exercising habits requires a lifestyle change for many. Did you know that you can do a lot of […]

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Avoid the Freshman 15

April 13, 2010 Diet & Fitness

What are the Freshman 15 and why should you avoid them? Well, for starters Freshman 15 is a term for the average amount of weight a freshman puts on during the first year in college. 15 lbs – yep, that’s a lot of weight and if you ever had to lose weight you know how […]

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1 Hour of Fitness Training

April 12, 2010 Diet & Fitness

The older you get, the longer your workouts need to become to keep the fat of your body. It is frustrating sometimes – you work out and eat kind of responsible and the scale just keeps showing the wrong numbers. Instead of going down your weight goes up and you can see more belly fat. […]

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Make your Home your Fitness Studio

April 11, 2010 Fitness

Working out can be an expensive endeavor depending on what activities you choose and depending on where you want to work out. Often a fitness studio is the best (and easiest) choice due to the variety of equipment they have to offer. But as you know, gym memberships can be very expensive. As an option […]

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