Soy protein versus Whey protein

by FitnessGuru on June 2, 2008

According to studies Soy protein and whey protein are supposed to be equally beneficial in promoting muscle gain. During the study, researchers at Indiana University’s School of Medicine in Evansville compared the early response of skeletal muscle protein synthesis and gain in muscle following the ingestion of the two protein sources after endurance exercise in rats.

The animals were subjected to 120 minutes of treadmill exercise and then fed them with 3 different type of “meals”. The animals received a carbohydrate-only, carbohydrate and whey protein mix, or a carbohydrate and soy protein meal. That way the study wanted to see the real results compared to what a human would ingest after an intensive workout.

Once enough data was collected it was determined that Soy and whey proteins were equally effective. Both sources of protein seemed to initiate general muscle growth in the rats’ skeletal muscle tissue. But don’t let rats tell you what Soy can do compared to normal Whey Protein.

Another study conducted at the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) found the post-workout consumption of specific Soy Drinks showed similar results to drinks based on Whey Protein.

Now, why would you consider Soy based protein as your main source of protein now? It depends. Soy has some benefits compared to normal dairy based products. This is especially true if you are dealing with heart related problems and (as an example) high cholesterol or high blood pressure.  Also, if one is Lactose intolerant a Soy based protein might be a good resource as well.

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