Seven Miles

by FitnessGuru on May 12, 2010

Over the last 2 weeks I have been running longer and I finally consistently broke through the 7 mile barrier. Well, I have been running 7 miles or longer before already, but a) not often and b) not as fast as I am doing it now. My running usually works out like that I start slow and then slowly increase my speed as I go. When closing a run I am often sprinting the last mile or half mile. I know that man other runners rather run fast in the beginning of a run and then gradually slow down over the course of the run. For me that is different.

So, today I had a really good run and finished the 7 miles at roughly 55 minutes and 30 seconds. Since I am often running under a time limit (lunch break) this has always been a frustration of mine. I do not have enough time to run longer than 1 hour. I also felt stuck with speed, but as mentioned for the last 2 weeks I finally broke free and I am able to run longer at faster speeds. Today I did start out at a little bit below 7 mph and then jumped to a speed slightly above 7 mph. From there I gradually increased my speed and on the last 2.5 miles my speed jumped from 7.6 mph to 9.6 mph on the last quarter mile.

I can definitely say that I reached my runner’s high today. And the best thing of all is that my legs are feeling good and not as tired as I have had to experience before. My runs often work like this. I feel great for the first mile. I am happy to be out and running. The second and third mile are the worst for me. Yes, I am running, but I am far away from having done my dues. My legs always feel heavy from the beginning of mile 2 until I reach about 3.5 to 4 miles. Then it is almost like a second wind. I can increase speeds and my legs are doing good. Oh, well …. – my goal is now to increase my overall speed and to pack as many miles as possible into my lunch hour. And I am glad to be running in my Nike Air Pegasus running shoes. The Nike Air Pegasus is my favorite running shoe and my feet feel very comfortable with it.

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