Fat to Muscle Ratio

by FitnessGuru on February 13, 2009

Muscle looks a lot better than fat. Aside from the aesthetic factor, muscle is your ultimate weapon to fight fat. Well-toned and healthy muscle make the body’s metabolic furnace that continually burn calories, whether you are awake and working, sitting down and watching TV or sleeping. Muscle is active tissue whereas fat just sits idly on the body.

This is where the misconception about weight loss begins; majority of people want to lose weight simply because they weigh more than they should. The total body weight is not just fat. Losing weight is very easy the real challenge lies in losing fat and keeping it off. By dehydrating yourself and using natural diuretics, you can easily lose 15 pounds in a period of three days; however, you also easily gain back what you lost within days!

Measuring and Testing for Body Fat

The importance of determining body fat and muscle weight instead of simply body weight enables you to monitor progress correctly. Fat loss and muscle gain is the correct program you want and measuring body fat and body composition is the proper way to gauge your success.

Average and Ideal Levels of Body Fat

Average body fat generally varies between males and females. Women normally have approximately 5% more body fat than men because of the female hormone.

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